Project Templates Application in the Applications Menu

When you go into that applications view (the hamburger menu), and click Project Templates, what are you supposed to see there? There are Project Templates that I can see in Admin, but they are not there in the Project Templates Application. 
Is there a way to make the project templates that are created by the admin visible in Project Templates?
Asked by Marcus Demas on Thu 10/9/14 3:39 PM
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Answer (1)

Marcus Demas Thu 10/9/14 3:42 PM

Users that are the owners of a Project Template will see all of their Project Templates in that application. If a user does not own any of the Project Templates, then they will not see any of them when they open the Project Templates Application. Even if the user cans ee them in Admin does not necessarily mean that they are the owner. 

Ownership of Project Templates can be found and edited by going to Admin-->Projects-->Templates. 

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