If a KBA is not public but is published can a client see it in the KB database?

Asked by Richard Musal on Thu 10/9/14 3:13 PM
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Richard Musal Thu 10/9/14 5:54 PM

So it sounds like once we enable for them to login they will see it  if published though correct?

We will eventually give them access.  Waiting to finish developing.

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Drake Sigler Thu 10/9/14 5:52 PM

Hi Richard,

Why can't clients log into the Client Portal? Do you have self-registration enabled? This makes it so users can log in using LDAP or SSO credentials and the system will automatically create a user record for them. This removes the necessity to import user records into TeamDynamix.

It sounds like if your clients are only accessing the Portal in a public capacity (not logged in), you can publish your articles (not public) and they will not show for any user that is not logged into the Client Portal. 

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Richard Musal Thu 10/9/14 6:07 PM

yes please

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Drake Sigler Thu 10/9/14 6:01 PM

Hi Richard,

That is correct. Any users logged in will be able to see published articles. There currently isn't a way to show articles only to Next users.

If you like, I can add an enhancement request to have that put in. We're in the process of re-thinking our permissions structure in the Client Portal for KB and services and I'm sure the product managers would love to hear your feedback.

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Richard Musal Thu 10/9/14 4:26 PM

Clarification question.

Right now clients can not login.  Once we have that functionality can a client who logged in see a published article?

Here is what we are trying to do.  I know you can associate an unpublished article to a service and ticketing users or agents can see it but client can not.  Unfortunately if I do not publish it won't come up when the user makes a new incident.  I want certain KBAs to show up only for a ticketing user/agent when making a new incident.

Is this possible or is it a new feature request?

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Drake Sigler Thu 10/9/14 4:13 PM

Hi Richard,

Publishing an article allows it to be visible only to users who are logged into the system. Making an article public will make it available to everyone without requiring them to log in first.

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