LDAP registration for Client Portal + Client Desktop info for Instructions

I want to instruct users to login using their LDAP username when signing in to the client portal. I also want to give them a number to call if they have trouble signing in. How do I do this?

Asked by Marcus Demas on Mon 10/6/14 10:26 AM Last edited Mon 10/6/14 10:27 AM
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Answer (1)

Marcus Demas Mon 10/6/14 10:26 AM Last edited Fri 6/10/16 9:46 AM

This can be accomplished by going into Admin-->Client Portal-->Settings, an Admin can configure options instructions for users in the Login Prompt boulder. 

Furthermore, by going into Admin-->Client Portal-->Self-Registration, an Admin can configure options for Client Self-Registration. Also, in Admin-->Desktops-->HTML Modules can allow Admins to create HTML rich panels that can have custom content to tell users what to do and what number they could call. 

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