Request workflow step progression email notification question.

When a project request workflow progresses from one step to another an email notification goes out.  Do replies to those notifications get added to the feed?

Asked by Kent Hoeg on Fri 10/3/14 12:15 PM
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Drake Sigler Fri 10/3/14 2:06 PM

Hi Kent,

That is correct. The emails that are sent to the responsible users for workflow steps come with the ability to accept replies and transfer them into the project feed.

I hope this helps!

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I am in sandbox testing the project request workflow assignment option and the responsible person isn't getting the assignment notification. I have the user's group notification turned off but expected she would still get the email when the step is assigned directly to her through the assignment option. - Bobby Jones Tue 9/7/21 10:27 AM
Hello Bobby, would you actually mind submitting this follow up/concern as a Support ticket and include a screen shot of the configuration page for the workflow step in question? You can submit a support ticket from this service: - Mark Sayers Tue 9/7/21 10:53 AM
Also please include also the ID of the ticketing app in question, the name of the workflow, and the name of the exact step this question concerns. - Mark Sayers Tue 9/7/21 10:55 AM