What are the ramifications of selecting or de-selecting the "Is Employee" check-box in a user profile?

In a user profile, there is a check-box to specify whether or not that user is an employee or not. I am looking to find out what ripples (if any) are there to not checking this.

Asked by Marcus Demas on Thu 10/2/14 2:03 PM
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Marcus Demas Thu 10/2/14 2:04 PM Last edited Fri 11/4/16 1:22 PM

That check-box is essentially used as a level of granularity for reporting. It allows you to enter users into the system that may or not be employees. There are areas in the tool where you can filter down according to whether or not a user is an employee. There is no functionality associated with that check-box in the tool besides the type-ahead assignment boxes, and the reporting that one might do on users.

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