Automatically Update Resource Schedules From Plan

Do I understand it correctly, that any changes you make to resource assignments on a project plan, will not be reflected in the resource reports until the next day? Is there any way around that?

When we are first planning a project, and adjusting resources to try and create an viable project picture, it's pretty inconvenient to have to wait until the next day, to see the impact of adjustments to tasks on the project plan.

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Asked by Paul Martin on Wed 10/1/14 3:20 PM
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Drake Sigler Wed 10/1/14 3:20 PM

Hi Paul,

There is actually an "Update Schedules" button in the Resources tab of the project, under "Actions". This button will automatically update the schedules of all the resources on the project from the plan assignments.

This button is only available when the project is manage by plan.

I hope this helps!

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