Adding Resources to a Project in TeamDynamix

When adding resources to a project, it does not give an option to specify 
the requested role. However, the resources section lists the resources, 
their primary role and the requested role. This is confusing because for 
one resource it lists their primary role and for another it lists their 
secondary role. See screen shot below. Eric Weakland and many others are 
have the Requested Role listed as "Project Manager" whereas, Michael 
Grinnell has the Requested Role listed as "Participant". Selecting the 
'Requested Role' when adding resources is not an option so how is this 
being set? Except the PM on the project, the rest of the PMs should 
actually be 'Participants' on the project. 

Tags functional-roles project-management project-request
Asked by Sharjil Hasan on Mon 9/29/14 2:29 PM Last edited Tue 9/30/14 4:09 PM
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Drake Sigler Mon 9/29/14 2:32 PM

Hi Sharjil,

The "Requested Role" is important when the project came from a request. When completing a project request, the requestor has the opportunity to request functional roles instead of individual resources. When the reviewer is converting the request to a project, these requested roles will be staffed with actual resources. The requested role column shows what the original role request was from the request phase.

If the project did not come from a request, the requested role will always be the same as the primary functional role of the resource being scheduled.

Unfortunately it is not possible to schedule resources on a project by anything other than their primary functional role.

I hope this helps!

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