Setting the visibility of report in TeamDynamix

In the Analysis module, when creating a New project report, the option to 
share the report with "Everyone with this Application" is not visible for 
all users who have access to Analysis application. Is it due to a 
permission and if so where do I set this permission for the user?

Also, "Everyone with this Application" refers to the Analysis application 
or anyone with access to TeamDynamix?

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Asked by Sharjil Hasan on Mon 9/29/14 11:36 AM Last edited Tue 9/30/14 4:10 PM
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Drake Sigler Mon 9/29/14 11:47 AM

Hi Sharjil,

This option essentially exposes reports in the report's parent application (not analysis).

The ability to allow "Everyone with this Application" to view reports is based on a set of security role permissions that allow the user to add Global Searches. These permissions are separated by the Application on which the report is dependent (Ticketing for a Ticket report, Projects for a Tasks report, etc.).

If this option is enabled on a report, any user with the matching application (Ticketing for Ticket reports, etc.) will be able to see that report in the matching application, even if they do not have analysis.

I hope this helps!

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