I put a ticket on hold. When will it come off hold and what status will it be?

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Asked by Aaron Crane on Fri 9/19/14 11:43 AM
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Drake Sigler Fri 9/19/14 11:49 AM

When putting a ticket to status "On-Hold", you have the option to select a Goes Off Hold date and time. The ticket will come off hold on that date and time and return the the previous status before being put on hold. If no Goes Off Hold date is provided, the ticket will remain on hold until the status is updated manually.


You can also configure your tickets to come off hold when they or any of their tasks are commented on in Admin -> Tickets -> Settings. When this is enabled, On-Hold tickets will come off hold when a comment is added to the ticket, any ticket tasks, or any replies are made to existing comments in the feed.


Furthermore, when configuring custom ticket status of the "On-Hold" class (Admin -> Tickets -> Statuses), you can require the Goes Off Hold date whenever a ticket is updated to On-Hold. This will make the Goes Off Hold field required so a date is always provided when a ticket is put on hold.

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should closing a ticket task task automatically move a ticket from the on hold status? - Abby Fitcher Mon 9/11/23 3:41 PM
I think it would depend on your ticketing app and whether you have it configured to automatically take tickets off hold. - Mark Sayers Mon 9/11/23 4:17 PM