What are the different methods for populating TeamDynamix's Knowledge Base?

I am interested in learning the different methods available to populate knowledge base articles in TeamDynamix.

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Asked by Jason Ehmann on Wed 9/17/14 2:15 PM Last edited Fri 11/14/14 4:18 PM
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Answers (2)

Drake Sigler Wed 9/17/14 2:54 PM Last edited Fri 11/14/14 4:17 PM

Hi Jason,

We currently have a KB-article-from-HTML importer in Admin -> Knowledge Base -> Article Import. This importer will take .zip archives of .html documents and convert them to KB articles in a category that you choose.

We will also offer a Knowledge Base RESTful API to manage KB articles programmatically. This will allow developers to create applications to create KB articles from code. You can find more information regarding the API via the developers page in community.  Quick Link to the KB API.

I hope this helps!

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Marcus Demas Wed 10/29/14 4:33 PM

Also, Users with the appropriate level of access can create KB articles in the Knowledge Base section of the Client Portal. A User with the aforementioned access would see a big button on the right hand side that says "New Article". 

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