How do I update the logo for my organization and enable Google Drive?

See the title. I am looking to change the logo for my organization to be smaller. Is there a suggested size?

Also, how do I enable Google Drive for my organization?

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Asked by Benjamin Smith on Thu 9/11/14 5:29 PM
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Matt Sayers Thu 9/11/14 5:37 PM

Users who have access to the TDAdmin application may change the logo for the organization. From the main users application, go to Apps Menu > Admin > [Click Organization Name Link In Left Nav] > Edit. This will take you to an organization edit page. Set/change the logo in this page. Note that logo changes may take up to 5 minutes to appear due to caching.


To turn on Google Drive, go to Admin > Projects > Google Drive Integration. Check the box to enable Google Drive and click Save. This may take up to 5 minutes to appear in the briefcase (under Add Files) due to caching.

Note that this requires that your organization has a custom domain configured. You can check this by clicking the organization name link in the left navigator of  Admin and checking for a domain field. If you don't see something like Domain:, you will need to contact TeamDynamix to configure a custom domain so that you may use this feature.

Additionally, if you are a hosted (SaaS) client, please contact TeamDynamix to ensure that your organization has been added to the accepted list of domains to accept Google Drive request from.

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