Approval Workflow Not Working for back-Up Team member

I usually approve project requests and staff them. However I will be out of the office next week and I changed the workflow so that it will go to a group so another person can take care of this while I'm out. She (Erynn Frank) receives the email, can go into TD and approve the project, however once that is complete, she doesn't have the option to add the manager to the project or attach the plan template. Not sure why this is happening, figure I'm missing something. Please advise, thanks!

Tags PPM project-requests approval
Asked by Jennifer Ludwig on Thu 9/11/14 5:26 PM
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Answer (1)

Matt Sayers Thu 9/11/14 5:26 PM

The option to choose a manager and apply a project template occurs during the "Staff" process after a request has been approved. Once the staffing process is complete, the request is then converted to a project. The ability to staff a request is set by the "Staff Requests" permission on the security role.

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