changing values in existing classification field

We currently are using the Classification field in TD. It now contains two values 1) Operations 2) Project

We are looking to change and add to the existing values as such:


1. If we edited the second entry (Project) and changed the name to "Project-Tactical", does that mean that every existing project record that had "Project" as classification will now have the value "Project-Tactical"?

2. Likewise, if we deleted the entry "Project" and replaced with a new record "Project-Tactical", will the value "Project" in all existing records be erased?

3. I assume that adding additional classifications won't impact existing data.

4. Any tips, tricks, or side-effects we need to know about when changing values for the classification field in general?

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Asked by Andy Novak on Thu 9/11/14 5:16 PM
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Answer (1)

Matt Sayers Thu 9/11/14 5:17 PM

You are correct. Changing/deleting a classification will cascade to any projects using those classifications. Adding additional classifications will not have any effect on existing projects.

Does this change occur on Requests only or both Requests and Projects?

This stands true for both projects and requests.

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