ACTION: Availability Report Bug

The 8.6 Availability Report does not show "All Tickets", and this makes it impossible to accurately see the availability of resources and schedule realistically.

Tags PPM availability reporting
Asked by Coleen Santee on Thu 9/11/14 5:09 PM
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Answer (1)

Matt Sayers Thu 9/11/14 5:10 PM

As of version 8.6, tickets no longer generate schedules or count towards capacity. The recommended approach is to assign users to a workspace. This would act as an operational project and you could allocate X% of a user's time towards that bucket, like Support or Maintenance or something. The workspace schedules will then decrement from availability.

You can pick up the actual hours against the "operational" workspaces by associating the appropriate ticket types to the workspace. That ticket time then rolls up to the workspace.

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