keeping tabs on tickets for a group of departments

I have an idea or two about how to attack this problem but I won't say what they are so I don't lead you in any particular direction. We have a person that likes to see all tickets for his department (actually a group of departments). What is the best way/process to have him be able to look at these tickets, most of which were not requested by him?

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Thu 9/11/14 5:06 PM
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Drake Sigler Thu 9/11/14 5:07 PM

Hi Greg,

Are we talking tickets or requests?

If your user is looking to see all tickets of all types, you can create a report for him that filters on all of his accounts. You can then publish this report to a desktop or make it visible to just him in the Ticketing app.

If he's looking to see just requests from the service catalog, there is a page in the client portal that will allow him to see ticket requests. If he has the " View all requests belonging to assigned accts/depts" permission on his security role, he will be able to enable a checkbox on the "Ticket Requests" page in the Service Catalog that will allow him to view all requests for his department.

I hope this helps!

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