TDTickets and Requests?

Our new governance process will make it likely we will receive customer requests via a separate ITSM tool (FrontRange HEAT), but the request will need to be moved to TeamDynamix for fulfillment.


Please address each question below.
1. Can a TeamDynamix Ticket be turned into a Request within TeamDynamix?
2. Can an external ITSM tool ticket be turned into a TeamDynamix Ticket (via API)?
3. Can an external ITSM tool ticket be turned into a TeamDynamix Request (via API)?
4. Do we have the ticketing application? Was it included in our contract?

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Asked by Andy Novak on Wed 9/10/14 5:29 PM Last edited Wed 9/10/14 5:30 PM
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Answer (1)

Drake Sigler Wed 9/10/14 5:30 PM Last edited Wed 9/10/14 5:31 PM

Hi Andy,

1) Any TD ticket can be converted to a project request by any user who has both the Tickets and Project Requests applications.

2&3) We do offer a RESTful API that can interface with both tickets and project requests. We have documentation on this API here:

4) I do not have the answer to licensing questions, but I will put you in contact with our account management department and they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

I hope this helps!


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