Can't add time to task you are not assigned

I'm not sure if this changed in 8.6 or not, but we just found that if even if we are assigned to a project, we can only add time on the task to which we are specifically assigned. Previously, if we were assigned to a project but not to a specific task, in Time & Expense, we could still do Add Time, select the project from the Project/workspace drop down, click the magnifying glass next to Task, change the radial from My Task to All Tasks, see all the tasks in the plan, select whichever task was appropriate, select time type, enter the time and say ok. Good to go.

Now when we click the magnifying glass to go in to tasks, the radial is set to My Tasks but is grayed out and no longer allows us to change to All Tasks.

This is a particular issue for us as we have made the business decision to not allow time entry at the project level, so selecting a task is required. We are doing details time tracking for our entire IT organization, we have a significant number of people in "on-call" situations, and we have created our process and trained our people on doing time entry this way.

Is this a bug or a "feature" of 8.6 that was not widely advertised?

Please advise as soon as possible as if this is the way it is going to stay, we need to know and change our process quickly! End of the month is the worst possible time for something like this to happen.

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Asked by Viki Mueller on Wed 9/10/14 5:23 PM
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Drake Sigler Wed 9/10/14 5:23 PM

Hi Viki,

That radio button to view all tasks is set by a security role permission called "Add Time to My Tasks Only" under the Tasks section. If that permission is enabled, users will no longer be able to add time against any tasks other than the ones they are specifically assigned.

I hope this helps!

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