regarding project plans that become obsolete

We've got a project that has a project plan attached that has become unusable although time has been reported against the tasks in the plan for some time.

The user wants to start over basically and create a new plan that replaces the old one and start reporting time in the new plan moving forward.

If a new plan is created, then do we just leave the old one alone and start posting time to the new plan?

Should we ever consider deleting the old plan or would that cause issues? If so, what? If the old plan was deleted, would you lose historical time that was posted?

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Asked by Andy Novak on Wed 9/10/14 5:22 PM
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Matt Sayers Wed 9/10/14 5:25 PM

It is perfectly acceptable to just create the new plan and track time against the tasks in that plan going forward. If you really want, you can deactivate (i.e. leave the dates alone and don't make any tasks with future dates) or even delete the plan and this will not affect historical time. If you do delete the plan, any time entered against those old tasks will just be moved to project-level time and will not reflect the actual tasks they were entered against.

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