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We are considering using the classification field and adding to that (Operations, Project - Tactical, Project - Strategic, Project - Mandated). When I go into the release preview portal and request a new service I notice that the Classification field is not on the form (just the "5 Qs" as we called them). Is the Classification field set automatically by some trigger in the system or is it strictly a manual process once the request has been submitted to the evaluator? Is there a default value that is set based on some other rule in the system? We need to fully understand the implications of how this field is set before we rush into changing those values.

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Asked by Andy Novak on Wed 9/10/14 5:15 PM
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Drake Sigler Wed 9/10/14 5:15 PM


Request forms can be customized is a couple different ways. You can choose to add classification to the request form to allow the requester to specifically set it, or you can simply select a default classification for the request. In all likelihood, the service you were looking at in the release preview was using a custom form that did not include classification as an option for the requester to set.

Aside from specifying a default classification, there is no other way that the system would automatically do anything with the classification field. So yes, changing the classification is only a manual process once the request has been submitted.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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