Google search into TDHE service catalog, knowledge base

We set up our website's ( Google search to be able to search through We are not getting results from TDHE when searching. Do you know if something on your end is prohibiting this from working (e.g., not allowing Google to crawl

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Wed 9/10/14 5:08 PM
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Drake Sigler Wed 9/10/14 5:09 PM

Hi Greg,

I do know what is going on. At the moment, there isn't any sort of home page for TeamDynamix applications, especially the Client Portal. just refers you to and changes the sign in links (which at the moment have no further linkages to public content).

I also know that we are making changes very soon to the Client Portal application such that it has a public home page. You would want to refer your Google search to that page once this feature is available. I believe this is slated to go out in the next week or two. Once enabled, you could send your crawler to the public home page and include links for it to crawl.

In the meantime, you could try setting your Google Search to go to That should definitely crawl the KB and I think it would also spider to the Services application.

Let me know if this would help.

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