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I need to clarify some open questions that I have regards the KPIs calculation in TD:

1.- If a project has more than a workplan, how are the KPIs calculated in the scenarios below?
- If both workplans are baseline
- If there are two workplans and only one is baseline

2.- Correct me if I am wrong, I understand that open tasks are task with % different to 100. So that a task with 0% would be considered as open task even when estimated hours and actual hours are zero.

Following questions are not related with KPIs but I would like to know what is the logic behind:

* How are calculated the remaining hours?

* Under which circumstances does the date modified from the workplan change (e.g. when resources book hours? When the project manager change estimated hours? ...)

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Asked by Carmen Villen Puerto on Tue 9/9/14 5:20 PM
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Answer (1)

Matt Sayers Tue 9/9/14 5:20 PM Last edited Tue 9/9/14 5:24 PM

1. To which KPI are you referring? Baselines on the project are calculated from any baselined project plans. The project's basline start date is the earliest start date on all the baslined plan on the project and the project's basline end date is the latest end date on all the baselined plans on the project. 

I meant how the KPIs are calculated assuming that the project includes two workplans that have been baseline. For example the total estimated hours for the project will be the sum of these two workplan estimated hours.

The baseline estimated hours for a project is the sum of the estimated hours for all baselined plans on a project.

2. That is correct. Even if a task has no estimated hours, it will show 0% complete until someone updates the task to show 100% complete.

3. Do you have your tasks set to update by % remaining or remaining hours? The remaining hours for a plan are either calculated from the estimated hours on the plan multiplied by the % remaining (1 - % complete) if your tasks use % complete, or the total remaining hours of all the tasks if your tasks use remaining hours.

If the check box is based on the remaining hours, does it mean that the remaining hours represent the difference between the estimated hours & actual hours?

When your project is set to use remaining hours, the user specifies remaining hours when updating tasks. The plan takes the sum of all these remaining hours to calculate the hours remaining for the plan.

4. The modified date on the plan is updated whenever a user checks the plan out, changes part of the plan, then saves or checks it back in.

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