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We have two on-going projects in TeamDynamix that will both be replaced by a third project.

What is the best practice for creating a replacement project and how do we deal with the projects that already exist relative to the new project?

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Asked by Andy Novak on Tue 9/9/14 5:19 PM
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Drake Sigler Tue 9/9/14 5:20 PM

Hi Andy,

It depends on the nature of the projects. If they are purely operational and do not require tasks or plans, you can use a workspace instead, combining all the resources and time types into one workspace. If they require plans and tasks, you can use a project and just combine the resources and time types. All other configuration will depend on how you plan to use the project.

There isn't really a "best practice" for this since it all really depends on how you use the project. Use your best discretion.

I hope this helps!

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