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I have been working with SLAs a bunch recently and love their versatility, but there are two things I'd like to ask about: 1) Is there a way to set an SLA to change when you change an existing ticket's type to the SLA assigned to that type? 2) Is there a way to set an SLA to a workflow or service?


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Asked by Robbie Talbot on Tue 9/9/14 5:16 PM
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Answers (2)

Jeremy Luring Wed 6/24/15 10:27 AM

From my testing it appears that setting the SLA at the ticket type level has no effect on the ticket.  It is only when the SLA is specified in the creation of the custom form that it shows up.

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Drake Sigler Tue 9/9/14 5:17 PM

Hi Robbie,

Unfortunately there isn't a way to change the SLA with the type. This is because the ability to change the SLA is a higher permission tier than changing the type (type can change with a simple ticket edit), so it makes it easier for people who don't have permission to change SLA's to change them inherently with the type. 

Unfortunately there isn't a way to apply an SLA to a workflow. However, you can apply a default SLA to a ticket type and have that SLA be applied when a user requests a ticket of that type from a service.

I hope this helps!

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