person in a group and not in a group

We set a user up in TDHE into a group:

Admin > Users > (User) > Groups
We put him in the 'Endpoint Management' group and have set that as his primary group.

When we run ticketing reports, he is not showing up in group reports. When running a ticketing report where Ryan is the filter (not the group), we see that resp group is blank. (Responsibility and primary responsibility are both the user) Why is resp group blank for Ryan?

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Tue 9/9/14 5:10 PM
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Drake Sigler Tue 9/9/14 5:14 PM

Hi Greg,

Changing a user's group will only apply to the primary responsible (group) field going forward. If you recently added the user to the group (after he was assigned to the tickets), the primary responsible group will not show the new group until you reassign the tickets to the user.

I hope this helps!

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