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I have been doing some experimenting with events in calendars and it seems that if you create an event that is "pending" there is no way to see the event unless you include yourself in the notification, click on the event link in the notification, and then confirm it.

What is the intent and thought process with "pending" events? I would think that if I created the event that I would be able to see it in the calendar. The "Help" references publishing the event but I don't see where that is an option.

Thanks for your help and guidance.

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Asked by Nancy Fisher on Tue 9/9/14 5:05 PM
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Drake Sigler Tue 9/9/14 5:06 PM

Hi Nancy,

You can filter out certain event types by clicking the gear icon in the top right when looking at the calendar. You most likely just have pending events being filtered out (the checkbox near the bottom of the filtering options.)

I hope this helps!

Drake Sigler

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