converting a ticket to a project - actual hours lost?

Recently we used the "convert ticket to project" function for a handful of tickets that already had time charged against them. All worked as expected except that the hours that had originally been charged to the ticket did not show up as charged to the project. Once the conversion was done, actual hours showed zero. 

Is this how this function is expected to work, or is there something I'm missing? 

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Asked by Melissa Cresswell on Thu 9/4/14 11:26 AM Last edited Thu 9/4/14 1:43 PM
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Answer (1)

Matt Sayers Thu 9/4/14 11:26 AM Last edited Thu 9/4/14 1:43 PM

This is in fact correct. Converting a ticket to a project does not transfer the time previously entered against the ticket to be against the project. That time is treated the same as time against a ticket which gets deleted. The thinking is that if the ticket had to become a project, you would want to track time on the new projects as a "fresh start." Any previous time on the ticket is not lost, but it is orphaned.

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