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We're trying to figure out how to properly set up Client users for our instance of TD ... we'd like our client users to be able to view status of the projects they are stakeholders of, as well as submit things like Issues.

Can you help?

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Asked by Matteo Becchi on Thu 9/4/14 11:26 AM Last edited Sat 9/6/14 1:17 AM
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Brandon Montgomery Thu 9/4/14 11:26 AM Last edited Thu 9/4/14 1:45 PM

For Client users to be able to see their projects, they must:

1. Have the Projects application
2. Be a member of the specific projects you want them to see.

To add issues, their security role must include the permission to create issues.

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How does the "Stakeholder" designation play into this answer? Do Stakeholders have to have the Projects Application? - Kevin Smith Fri 1/11/19 9:12 AM
Yes they would if they are going to sign into the client portal and add issues to the project.

However, if the project is publicly visible, and the projects/workspaces application is set to be publicly visible any user can view the basic info on the project. It would still take being signed into the portal with access to the application though to create issues on that project.
- Mark Sayers Fri 1/11/19 10:42 AM