Can't Successfully Add a New User

I have tried to add a new user wsstaff for testing.

I have gone to Admin, and added them. Their configuration looks the same as any other PM (I used Jim Burgess as the sample).

When I try to login with this account, I get to the UG SSO page as expected.

I type in the userid and password. Instead of getting logged in, I get redirected to a non UG SSO login page (still url and receive the error message:

You do not have permission to access this application.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Tags authentication user-creation
Asked by Kent Hoeg on Thu 9/4/14 11:23 AM Last edited Sat 9/6/14 1:19 AM
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Answer (1)

Drake Sigler Thu 9/4/14 11:24 AM Last edited Thu 9/4/14 11:24 AM

Hi Kent,
It looks like that user is provisioned in SSO as "wsstaff", but they are trying to log in as "". You will either need to change the auth user name in admin or have them use the correct username.
I hope this helps!

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