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I was wondering if there are updated user guides available (both admin and generic) for download, the latest I am able to find on the community site is version 8.4.

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Asked by Nate Swanson on Thu 9/4/14 11:10 AM Last edited Wed 11/5/14 6:38 PM
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Dan Adler Mon 10/17/16 11:34 AM
Follow-up question:

We're in the process of configuring v9.4 (we're new to TDX). How different is 9.4 from 8.4? And is it possible to get the 8.4 guide to print out? It'd be MUCH easier if I had a manual to refer to during this process, in which I could make notes as I go along.
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Phil Curl Thu 9/4/14 11:11 AM Last edited Thu 11/6/14 9:19 AM

After publishing the 8.4 user guides we decided to elevate our customer support by focusing our efforts on:

(1) Building a more robust in-tool contextual help system to eliminate the need to reference external documentation

(2) Maintaining a public knowledge base for accurate up to date information

(3) Running an efficient online Q & A support service with researchable responses


You can visit our support page at and search both the Knowledge Base as well as the Q & A system for prior submissions and responses.  If there is an instance where you cannot locate the answer, feel free to enter a support question via the Ask a Question link from the main support page and one of our full time dedicated resources will respond to your question during business hours.

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