Feed Does Not Accept Pasted Code


I would like to use the Feed within TD to archive decisions/conversation threads - from email.

More often than not, I am unable to paste into the Feed. Well, I can paste into the Feed, but it will not let me Save. Only cancel works.

I have also tried pasting the information into Notepad first to strip extraneous code and then paste into the Feed with the same lack of result.

I wanted to check only Comments, but I have also checked Edits in troubleshooting - see screenshot.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,


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Asked by Bonnie Johnson on Thu 9/4/14 11:07 AM
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Answer (1)

Drake Sigler Thu 9/4/14 11:09 AM

Hi Bonnie,

What kind of text are you pasting into the feed? If the text contains code (anything with "<" or ">"), the page will silently prevent you from entering the text since it validates the text you provide to ensure that malicious code does not make it to our servers.

Unfortunately that validation is not on our end. That is the server running that validation automatically. For this reason, we recommend attaching code to the item as reference files.

I hope this helps!

Drake Sigler

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