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We have an operational project setup for each team in order to draw down their availability (70% operational). Each operational project is set to start 1/1/14 and end 12/31/14. We are looking ahead to the next calendar year and need to determine the best way to continue forward. The main question is should we create brand new operational projects again for each team for 2015 or should we extend the dates for the existing operational projects through the end of 2015? What is the best practice and more importantly, Why?

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Asked by Andy Novak on Thu 9/4/14 11:01 AM Last edited Thu 9/4/14 11:04 AM
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Phil Curl Thu 9/4/14 11:02 AM Last edited Thu 9/4/14 11:03 AM

With the advent of 8.6, you can now set up operational workspaces to track operations schedules. Workspaces are essentially light-weight projects that do not have any of the extra configuration of dates, plans, etc. Basically, you create an operations workspace, add the operations time types and the resources, and create schedules for the resources on the workspace (by % of availability or by set hours). Workspaces do not have end dates so they will never run out of scope and they will automatically allow you to schedule operations hours for up to 12 months in the future.

We recommend that you set up an operations workspace and update the schedules for that at the beginning of each year, semester, or quarter. 

We have a knowledge base article on how to set up workspaces that may be of some use. You can find it here:


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