How can I create a desktop and then push it to my users?

How can I create a desktop that can be pushed to other users? I am creating desktops for our executive team members and want to add the new desktops to each of my leadership peers. 

Asked by Kent Hoeg on Fri 8/22/14 3:35 PM
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Andrew Graf Fri 8/22/14 3:41 PM

1. Create the reports you want to add to the desktop via the analysis or individual application.

2. You can then create desktops templates in the Admin application (Admin/Desktops/New)

3. Go to the user record to whom you want to add the desktop

4. Click User/Desktops/New

5. Select either TDNext (internal users) or TDClient (external clients)

6. Select the template you created in step 2.

7. You can rename the desktop if you like

8. Click Save. Your user will now have access to the new desktop you created.

Notes: users will not see dashboard components from applications they do not have access to. For example if a user does not have the Analysis application then any reports that can only be created in Analysis would not show up on their desktop.



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