Assign several accounts to one user in TDAdmin

Is there a way to assign all accounts to a user rather than adding them one at a time? Thanks! (referencing adding accounts to users in TDAdmin).

Asked by Aaron Crane on Wed 8/20/14 6:30 PM
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Drake Sigler Wed 8/20/14 6:31 PM

When looking at the Accts/Depts tab on a user profile page in TDAdmin, you can use the magnifying glass to add as many accounts or departments as you like. This will add all selected accounts/departments at once.

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It looks like this has changed. It is now under individual ticketing applications. If an account is added that is under a different parent, I suppose the user will see all accounts in that hierarchy if the permission is set-up that way? - Bobby Jones Tue 12/1/20 5:22 PM
No, this is still the same actually. In Admin > Users & Roles > Users > [select a user] > Accts/Depts, you can still select the magnifying glass button to see the full list of Accts/Depts and associate multiple of them with the selected user. - Mark Sayers Wed 12/2/20 9:21 AM