Who can view requests that are submitted for review?

When a user creates a project request and submits it for review, can anybody view this request, or only the person assigned as the request type’s reviewer?

Asked by Matt Sayers on Wed 8/20/14 6:14 PM
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Answers (2)

Peter Mosinskis Thu 6/4/15 5:25 PM

I would add that only those with Enterprise licenses can activate the "View all project requests belonging to assigned accts/depts" permission under the Security Role settings. 

The only other way to have others view the request is to add the person as a stakeholder. 

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Drake Sigler Wed 8/20/14 6:18 PM

Requests can be viewed in TDNext by anyone with access to the Portfolio Planning application.

Requests can also be viewed in the Client portal by the creator, the requestor, the reviewer, a stakeholder (project requests only), or someone who has the permission to view all requests for their account / department.

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