Is it possible to have different project sections based on Project Type?

Hey Aaron,


We have been trying to config a Financial Admin project type based on our conversation a few weeks back and am having trouble seeing how we can create a new project type and strip out the core project attributes (risk, score, etc.).  Any suggestions on how we might be able to create a new type without the core TD elements? It appears as if I do not have the privileges to remove those system elements based on type.  If I do it removes from all . . . . Not sure if I am appropriately explaining my concern. . . .





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Asked by Tim Bucher on Wed 8/20/14 2:49 PM Last edited Wed 8/20/14 3:06 PM
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Aaron Crane Wed 8/20/14 2:49 PM

Hi Tim,


The project type value does not control whether or not those sections on the left hand-side display. Project type can dynamically add custom attributes to the general section of project so if you are creating any fields to gather specific finance information, be sure to associate those attributes to this new project type.


There is one work around you can do if you don’t want those sections turned on. You can turn them off on a project by project basis in Admin. See the attached screen shot. I realize this might be a little monotonous if you have several projects, but I seem to recall the Finance group is only going to have a limited number. Hopefully, that makes it a little easier.



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