Importing Knowledge Base Articles


This how-to article will help TeamDynamix Administrators to bulk import Knowledge Base Articles using the Article Import screen in TDAdmin.


This how-to article will help TeamDynamix Administrators to bulk import Knowledge Base Articles using the Article Import screen in TDAdmin. The user must have Administrative permissions in TDAdmin.

Preparing Articles and Images for Import

The importer only accepts HTML files, so if your content is in a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file, you will need to convert it to HTML.

Individual .doc or .docx items can be exported to HTML in Word using the "Web Page, Filtered" file type, which can also include embedded images in a separate folder.

  1. To begin your export, click on Export > Change File Type > Save as Another File Type > Save As
  2. On the pop-up screen, select the "Web Page, Filtered" file type
  3. On the same pop-up screen, click Tools > Web Options
  4. Finally, check the box that says Allow PNG as a graphics format
  5. Click OK and then Save to begin the export process

To convert multiple .doc or .docx files simultaneously, there are various batch converters available, such as the Batchwork Word to HTML converter.

After you have the content saved as HTML files, gather all of them together in a folder, along with any image subdirectories, and zip them into a compressed ZIP file. The resulting ZIP file should now contain your HTML files and any necessary subdirectories at its root.

The following is an example of a correctly configured ZIP file for article imports:

  • article1.html (File)
  • article2.html (File)
  • article1_files (Folder with images for article1.html)

Importing Articles

Only ZIP files will be accepted for the import. Formats such as 7Z, TAR, RAR, or others will not be accepted.

  1. In TDAdmin, navigate to Applications > [Client Portal Name] > Knowledge Base > Article Import.
  2. Use the Browse button to upload the ZIP folder for system import.
    Note that only one ZIP file can be imported at a time.
  3. Choose the Category or sub-category of the knowledge base that all the articles in the ZIP folder will be added to.
  4. Enter the Order where these articles will be added.
  5. Optionally, enter any Tags that will be added to each of the articles created by the import.
  6. Choose a Status for the articles created by the import.
  7. Optionally, check the Published to KB box to publish the articles.
  8. Choose an Owner of the articles.
  9. Optionally, check the box to Notify Owner on Feedback.
  10. At the top of the page, click Import.

File Size Limitation

The Admin import page allows a maximum .zip file size of 100 MB to be submitted. After that, the page will error due to the file being too large.

Gotchas & Pitfalls

Note that the article import will add all articles in your ZIP file to the same category and assign all tags as configured during the import process. If you want to add different articles to different categories/tags, perform multiple imports, configuring the category and tags for each import as necessary.



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