Web Service Verbs Overview

 RESTful API Verbs

In TeamDynamix, we use RESTful API. In addition to this, all RESTful API methods use JSON to send/receive data. (Javascript Object Notation)

  1. GET: a GET verb retrieves information from a record within TeamDynamix. Example, a GET to retrieve information from a Ticket in a Ticketing application. 
  2. POST: creates a record with the information provided in the Body of the API method call. 
  3. PUT: replaces an entire object. Example would be changing a status of a User in TeamDynamix.
  4. PATCH: update/replaces an existing field in TeamDynamix. Ex: replaces a status of a ticket using a Workflow.
  5. DELETE: deletes information. This is used for various records to delete data.



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