Scheduling resources on a 1-day task which is also an organizational day off


We have found that the organizational day off scheduling does not work as intended. If an individual is already scheduled by their manager for time off on a holiday (we do this through what we call "Operational Plans") then adding the holiday at the system level in the "Days Off" Admin tool impacts their availability. While the "Scheduled Hours" are not impacted by adding the holidays, the "Available Hours" are still reduced and effectively double-counted. This is true until I get to 5 holidays in one week (we have a week off at Christmas), at which point both "Scheduled Hours" and "Available Hours" for that week go to 0."



What this client has done is to:

  1. Create organizational days off
  2. On "manage by plan projects", schedule resources on 1-day tasks which are also organizational days off.


When managing a project by plan, schedule entries will always be entered based upon task assignments. The assumption is that the project manager will know what his/her organization's days off are. If the project manager still wants to create a 1-day task on an organizational day off and assign one or more users, schedule entries will be created. In this scenario, the capacity for the users assigned to the 1-day task would be
decremented by both the organizational day off and the task schedule.

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