How would I use a web service in a ticket's workflow to update the value of a dropdown attribute?

This is a higher level overview of PATCH verbs,
This talks about PATCH verbs more specifically to TDX abilities.
This talks about the PATCH operations more broadly, like op and add.

This KB does not cover how to create authentication providers, etc. That is covered elsewhere. 

Now, to apply this, we need to add something like the following to the body. We actually do not need parameters here since we are just changing an attribute value. The first item should be the right syntax but with human readable explanations. The second is more of a technical example of something that might actually work in the body of a PATCH call. 

{"So we are declaring we are about to execute on a JSON op": "and specifically a replace operation", "just stating that there will be a path to find the content": "/we want to look at the attributes folder/insert the TDX generated attribute ID1234", "this is just defining that we will supply a value to make the replace op work properly in the PATCH": "this is the TDX generated ID number of the attribute choice that we want to set"},

{"op": "replace", "path": "/attributes/1234", "value": "5678"},



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