Managing Locations and Location Rooms

Locations and Location Rooms are defined in TDNext, within a Ticketing or Asset/CI application. Users must have the "Create and modify the list of locations and their rooms" permission to manage locations and rooms. 

Viewing the List of Locations

Users can view the list fo Locations in a Ticketing or Asset/CI application. 


  1. Click the Gear icon on the toolbar. 
  2. Select Locations.


  1. Select Locations in the left navigation menu.

In both cases, you will see a list of locations, and can click on a location name to view the Location Details page. 

Adding a Location

Follow these steps to add a location: 

  1. Access the New Location page:
    1. Ticketing: 
      1. Click the Gear icon on the toolbar. 
      2. Select New Location.
    2. Asset/CI
      1. Click +New > Location on the toolbar. 
  2. Fill in the fields on the New Location page.
    1. Name is required. 
    2. The Room List allows you to generate rooms within the location automatically, but does not fill in any details for those rooms. 
    3. Custom Attributes show up at the bottom of the screen, and may be required. 
  3. Click Save. The Location Created Successfully page will allow you to create more locations, view the location or view a list of locations. 

Editing Locations and Rooms

Follow these steps to edit locations and rooms:

  1. From the list of locations, click on a location's name to view the Location Details. 
  2. You can Edit the location and its custom attributes using the Edit toolbar button. 
    1. Locations can be deactivated in TDNext using the Edit Location page, but they can only be deleted in TDAdmin. 
  3. You can add attachments using the +Attachment button. 
  4. In the Rooms section, you'll see a list of the Rooms that have been defined for the location. 
    1. To add a new Room, click +Room. Fill in the room's attributes and save.  
    2. To view a Room's details, click the room's name in the list. 
    3. To edit a Room's details, click Edit in the list of rooms or from the Room Details page.  
    4. To delete a Room, click Delete in the list of rooms. 


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