Assigning a Desktop Template to a User

If you have a Desktop Template, and want to assign it out to an individual user or a group of users, you have a few options to choose from. Note all of these examples assume the templates are already existing. All of these steps take place in TDAdmin environment. Go to Users & Roles > Users


Option #1: Add a Desktop Template to an Individual User

  1. Search or locate the User's record 
  2. Open the User's record > Desktops > +New
  3. Select "TDNext" for Context and your desktop template from the drop-down menu
  4. Provide a name if needed, or use the name of the Desktop Template instead
  5. Select "Save" and the desktop has been added to the user

*the user will need to log out and log back into TDNext in order to see the new desktop when they sign in.


Option #2: Bulk-Assignment of Desktop Templates to Users

  1. Use the green filter icon on the top right to search for users by a License or typically by a Group for example
  2. Click Apply at the top of the filters
  3. Once you located the Users you'd like to see based on the Group example in step 1, mark the check box above the users to grab all the users you want to assign a desktop template to. [see image below] 
  4. Next, go to Actions > Add Desktop > select [desktop] from Desktop Templates drop down menu
  5. Optional to check box for "Set the applied desktop as default" but typically recommended. Then, select "Save"

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