Connecting TeamDynamix to Azure Devops/Visual Studio Team Services

This how-to article will help Administrators to add Azure DevOps source control integration using TDAdmin. The user must have TDAdmin access.


This article describes how to set up Azure DevOps to send events to TeamDynamix for the Source Control Integration. These steps may change without notice if Microsoft makes changes to their tools.

The source control integration only supports integration with Azure DevOps Git libraries and does not support comments on commits in Azure DevOps. Azure DevOps does not use the Source Control username but relies on the user's email address. Unlike the other source control integrations, Azure DevOps will not send comment events to TeamDynamix. 

Setting Up the Azure DevOps Connection

To set up Azure DevOps:

  1. Create a Secret Key in TeamDynamix by following the instructions in the Getting Started with Source Control Integration article
  2. Log in to Azure DevOps ( and navigate to the repository that you want to send events from. 
  3. Click Project Settings in the left navigation, then select Service hooks.

  1. Click the +Create Subscription button.

  1. In the New Service Hooks Subscription popup window, click the Web Hooks link, then click the Next button.

  1. From the Trigger on this type of event dropdown, select to Code pushed
  2. From the Repository dropdown, select the repository from which you’d like to send events.
  3. Select the desired optional fields from the Branch and Pushed by a member of group fields, then click the Next button.

  1. In the URL field, type [tdx-url]TDWebApi/api/sourcecontrol/vsts, where [tdx-url] is the base URL to your TeamDynamix site.
  2. In the HTTP headers field, type X-Tdx-Secret-Key:[vsts-secret-key], where [vsts-secret-key] is the secret key defined in step 1. 
  3. Leave the other settings as shown below and click the Finish button. 

You should now be ready to receive events in TeamDynamix.

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