Connecting TeamDynamix to GitHub

This how-to article will help Administrators to add GitHub source control integration using TDAdmin. The user must have TDAdmin access.


This article describes how to set up GitHub to send events to TeamDynamix for the Source Control Integration. These steps may change without notice if GitHub makes changes to their tool. 

When matching users between systems, GitHub can use the Source Control Username for both commits and comments and can use the user's email for commits only. 

Setting Up GitHub

To set up GitHub:

  1. Create a Secret Key in TeamDynamix by following the instructions in the Getting Started with Source Control Integration article.  
  2. Log in to GitHub ( and navigate to the repository from which you’d like to send events. 
  3. Click the Settings tab. You may need certain permissions in GitHub to access this tab. 

  1. Click the Webhooks link in left navigation, then click the Add webhook button.

  1. In the Payload URL field, enter [tdx-url]/TDWebApi/api/sourcecontrol/github/[github-secret-key], where [tdx-url] is the base URL for your TeamDynamix environment and [github-secret-key] is the GUID provided in the Value column of the secret key you defined in step 1.
  2. In the Content Type field, choose application/json.
  3. In the Secret field, enter the GitHub secret key again, ensuring there are no extra spaces. 
  4. From the Let me select individual events dropdown, select the Commit comment and Push events. 
  5. Leave the Active checkbox checked and click Add Webhook

You should now be ready to receive events in TeamDynamix.


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