Asset/CI Application Import Wizard

Users within an Assets/CIs Application can use the import wizard to import Assets, Contracts, Product Models, VendorsLocationsLocation Rooms and Configuration Items from an Excel file. To access these import utilities, open the Assets/CIs application in TDNext and click  Import on the toolbar and select the type of import you want to do.

Step 1: A new window will open with instructions for how to run the import. Each of the import wizards offers the option to download a template file, which will include lookup values specific to the Asset/CI application. Either use the template file or generate your own Excel import file, and select that file in the Upload field, then click Next. 

Step 2: Choose the worksheet in the Excel file and specify if the file contains headers on row 1, then click Next. 

Step 3: Review the mappings between Source Column and Map To. If you used the template file, you should not need to change these options. Click Next. 

Step 4: On this read-only page, review the preview data and the number of rows that will be imported, then click Import and click OK to confirm. 

Step 5: Review the import results page, and then click Finish or close the window. 


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