Project request approval Workflow steps & definitions

The following are the different choices you might see while interacting with a Project Request as it makes its way through the Project Request Approval Process.  It is important to remember that, depending on the that particular approval workflow's configuration, you may or may not see all of these options on a particular step.


Mark as “Submitted’ –  Return this request to the “Submitted” status.


Reject – Return to Requestor –   Reject – Return this project request to the requestor.  This will send the project request back to the “Not Submitted” state and notify the requestor that it needs revision.


Reject – Decline the Request –   Reject – decline means that your organization will not do this project.


Forward Request –  Allow another user to have access to and contribute to this workflow step.  The person to which you forward this project request will have the same permissions on this project request as you do.  Once this step is completed, that person will no longer have those permissions.  it is important to know that you may only forward to another TeamDynamix user in your organization that has access to the Portfolio Planning application.  You cannot forward to Client users.  


Approve Step –   Approve step and move the request to the next step in the workflow.


Approve Request -   Approving a request means that your organization will convert this project request to a project.

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