Entering an incident from the People application in TeamDynamix

Technicians in TDNext can view a requester's current and past tickets, as well as submit a new request on a requester's behalf.

In TeamDynamix, Technicians can easily locate customer records. Once found, the technician will have access to the requester's contact information, ticketing history, project involvement, and assigned assets.

  1. In the top left corner, click the Applications menu (square icon).
  2. From the menu that appears, click the People application.
    • A screenshot of the TDNext interface. The square applications menu in the top left corner is highlighted. The People icon is also highlighted.
  3. To quickly search for a requester's record, enter their name, organization ID, student ID, or other recorded information, then click Search.
    • A screenshot of the People application. The Search field and Search buttons are highlighted.
  4. From the list of search results, click on the requester's name.
  5. Under the requester's name, click the Tickets tab to view their the requester's ticket record. This view shows current and closed tickets associated with this requester.
  6. To create a new ticket, click +New .
    • A screenshot of a user record for 'Anna User'. The Tickets tab and +New button are highlighted.
  7. A new window will appear. Choose the type of request you would like to create.
  8. A new ticket form will open with the requester's name and department already entered. The technician can quickly complete the form by selecting a Template.
    • A screenshot of the Incident Form. The Form drop-down menu is highlighted. A custom form, General Help Form, has been selected.
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