Why do ticket fields revert to the values set at creation when I edit and save a ticket?

This is something that can very easily happen with the existence of Hidden or Read-only fields. In this case, it is very likely that the form which created the ticket has the field set to either be Hidden or Read-Only in TDNext. Choosing either of these options for the TDNext side of a ticket will cause the field to be locked and essentially not changeable via the Edit page of a ticket in TDNext. While there are other controls for some edits, such as assigning a ticket to someone via Actions > Assign [Service Request/ Incident/ Problem/ Change/ Release], editing the ticket at any point will cause it to revert.

What can I do so this doesn't happen to my tickets?

Resist setting the value for TDNext visibility on a field in your ticketing form to Hidden or Read-Only unless you are fine with it not being able to be changed by a technician upon creation. While there may be many reasons for wanting a field to not be able to be changed, other fields do need to have the ability to be changed by technicians, so be aware of the settings you've configured for each field on each form.


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