Setting Alerts On Waterfall Tasks

The user can set task alerts for themselves and for other project members and TeamDynamix will automatically send an email to the user when the alert fires. In order to set an alert on a task, the user must:

  1. In TDNext, navigate to Applications > Projects/Workspaces and select your Project
  2. Navigate to the Plans module and then go to the task list for the appropriate plan in Plan Manager.
  3. Double-click on a task row.
  4. The task details will display in a dialog window. Click on the "Alerts" tab.
  5. Select the project member from the "Alert" selection box for whom you want the alert set.
  6. Select the alerts that you want to apply from the list of alert options by checking their associated checkboxes in the "When" dropdown.
  7. Once finished, click the "Save" button.
  8. To delete an alert, click the Delete link in the row of the alert you wish to delete.
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