Updating A Ticket's Status

When a user works on resolving a ticket and wishes to record progress against that ticket, they will make an entry in the ticket's update section. To update a ticket's status, the user must:

  1. Enter a Tickets application.
  2. Click the desired ticket search link in the left navigation under the "Tickets" link.
  3. If necessary, modify the search criteria and click the "Apply" button.
  4. Click on the on the title link of the ticket you wish to update from the tickets list.
  5. Click Actions > Update at the top of the screen. There is also an Update button above the ticket Feed section.
  6. The "Update Ticket" window will appear. Enter the a new ticket status.
  7. If entering time, enter the hours spent resolving the ticket if desired, the date the work was done and the time type.
  8. Enter the hours spent working on the ticket if desired, the date the work was done and the time type.
  9. Fill in your comments in the "Comments" textbox.
  10. Check the "Make comments private" box if you do not wish client users to see any comments.
  11. Select any people you would like to directly notify about the ticket update by selecting the appropriate user names from the "Notification" box. You may also choose to notify other people or email addresses not associated with the ticket. When entering Other Addresses, all addresses must be separated by commas.
  12. When complete, click the "Save" button.
  13. Your update will be added to the "Feed" section of the ticket.
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