Viewing Tickets "Awaiting My Review"

The Awaiting My Review link in the left navigation of a Tickets application shows all tickets which have:

  • A New, In Process or On Hold status class.
  • Are not primarily assigned to a user. This means that tickets assigned to groups are included.
  • Are not converted to a project task.
  • Have a type for which the current user is a reviewer, either directly or though one of the user's active groups.

The reviewer can then assign the ticket to another user in that Ticket application. To view all ticket requests awaiting your review, the user must:

  1. Enter a Tickets application.
  2. Click the "Awaiting My Review" link in the left navigation bar under the "Tickets" link.
  3. Click on the appropriate title link from the ticket list to open a ticket detail window and make any desired changes.


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